Threesa Lakshani Testimonial

I was raised in Sri Lanka and moved with my family to Tasmania in 2011. Something I miss is going to Sunday school which is followed by Mass in a church filled with people. As a family tradition, Sunday was dedicated to God and it was the joyous day of the week that I always looked forward to.

The witness of my parents’ faith and their love of God is profound. Their love of God means that they never miss church, but it also means they take opportunities to serve other people, especially us, their children.

I was, and I still am, encouraged daily to follow what they do, to trust God and deepen my relationship with Him.

I was in a relationship for close to three years. We never failed to put God first in every way, but in our own way. In our own way meant that he was Anglican, and I am Catholic. We felt very strongly about holding on to our faith deeply, which became a problem to others around us. Sadly, the relationship ended.  I was heartbroken and confused. Despite what I went through, I only asked God one question: ‘Why me?’ 

A few months later my parish asked me to go to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2017. The festival was started by Matt Maher singing ‘Lord I need you’. The world just stopped: it was just me and the Lord having a beautiful conversation. I couldn’t help crying. I never imagined experiencing a love like that.

I participated in the Immaculata Mission School at the start of this year. There was a Holy Spirit night, and the leaders prayed with people.  Fr Rob Galea was in Tassie to visit us. My prayer was to get prayer by him and it was answered.

Through Fr Rob’s prayer, I got the answer to the question, ‘Why me?’ God gave me a clear vision of what He had done in my boyfriend’s life through me and the great things God has done in my life through the whole experience. I felt God was asking me to share my story through my music and mission work. So, I said to Him: ‘Show me the way.’

The next morning, I was sitting next to Archbishop Julian Porteous. He turned around and said to me: ‘I’m thinking of doing some Mission Evenings this year. I have 15-odd people in mind and you’re one of them.” The Mission Evenings were going to involve people sharing their testimonies. God had answered my prayer again!

As time has passed, God has taught me that He will never put me through anything that I cannot handle, and that without us knowing it, the Lord is doing great things to others through us.

My goal now is to take every opportunity God gives me to share my story for Him. I am who I am because of my Heavenly Father who strengthens me.