Tribunal of The Catholic Church Vic & Tas

The Tribunal is a pastoral service of the Church assisting divorced and remarried persons seeking to have their marriage recognised in the Church, divorced persons seeking to remarry and divorced persons seeking clarification of their standing in the Church.

All formal cases of marriage annulment in Tasmania are prepared in Hobart and then forwarded to the Victorian Tribunal Office for judgement.

As well, the Tribunal Office in Hobart receives and processes all marriage dispensation forms e.g. Permission for a Mixed Marriage. Applications are signed by the Chancellor on behalf of the Archbishop.

For many people, obtaining an annulment can be a painful experience. However it is a pastoral and therapeutic process as well as a legal procedure.

Many petitioners find that the process itself and the sensitive approach of the Tribunal staff can be a healing experience. It can be an opportunity to face up to, come to grips with and disarm, fearsome and debilitating memories of the past. It can bring a painful experience to closure.