Archbishop’s Office

Archbishop Julian has been entrusted by the Pope with the governance of the Archdiocese of Hobart. The Archbishop’s Office provides the necessary support he needs to carry out his duties.

His primary role is the pastoral oversight of all Tasmanian parishes, priests, deacons and seminarians, and the evangelisation and pastoral care of those within the geographic boundaries of Tasmania. More broadly he is responsible for the governance of organisations such as Catholic Education Tasmania, CatholicCare Tasmania, Blueline Laundry Inc., the Catholic Development Fund, and all properties owned by the Roman Catholic Church Trust Corporation of the Archdiocese of Hobart (‘The Trust’)

The Archbishop is assisted in carrying out his office by the diocesan curia. In the Archdiocese of Hobart the diocesan curia is made up of the Vicar General, the Chancellor, the Diocesan Finance Council, the Executive Director, Administration and Finance, and the Archives and Heritage Collection. He also closely collaborates with Priest Consultors and the Council of Priests.

Archbishop Julian has established certain offices to assist in his pastoral duties, including offices of Liturgy, Evangelisation and Catechesis, Life, Marriage and Family, and Youth Evangelisation. There are also a number of offices which assist the Archbishop of Hobart in areas such as Social Justice, Marriage Tribunal, and Media and Communications.

The Archbishop is supported in his office by a personal assistant who administers correspondence and manages his diary; a private secretary, who undertakes research and writing for the Archbishop, provides advice and undertakes project work as directed; and, an administrative officer, who completes administrative tasks relating to priest and parish records, visa applications for incoming priests, religious and consecrated workers and volunteers, and seminarians.