Retreat unpacks the power of the Holy Spirit

By Josh Low

The one-day ‘Epiclesis’ retreat was held earlier this month in both the north and south of the state, on 13 and 14 of May.

Run by visiting priest, Fr Dave Callaghan MGL of the Missionaries of God’s Love, the well-received retreat included several talks, times of silent prayer and reflection, music and a shared meal.

Archbishop Julian described the retreat as a success, adding that it was intended as a follow-up to last year’s ‘Evangelium’ series.

“The Retreat was aimed at continuing our focus on mission and evangelisation in the Archdiocese, as we seek to bring more people to Jesus Christ,” Archbishop Julian said.

“Fr Dave Callaghan MGL gave some inspiring talks on the Holy Spirit which were well received, and I was very pleased with the number of people who participated in the sessions.”

The one-day retreat was held in both Hobart at St Mary’s Cathedral and at St Francis Church in Riverside (pictured). Photo: Heather Excell

Mersey-Leven parishioner Antonio Portugal attended the retreat at St Francis of Assisi Church in Riverside with his wife and 10 other members of Couples for Christ Australia (from Circular Head Parish, Mersey-Leven and Launceston parishes).

Mr Portugal said Fr Callaghan’s talks were ‘inspiring’, and gave him a deeper understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit.

“Fr Dave mentioned that as human beings it is easier to relate personally with God the Father and God the Son, Jesus Christ, who himself became human like us.

Archbishop Julian said the retreat was a follow-up to last year’s successful ‘Evangelium’ series. Photo: Heather Excell

“But a lot of people do not have a personal relationship [with or recognise] the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives and in the life of the Church,” he said.

“Fr Dave also stressed that we have to continually pray to remove the blockages that prevent the outpouring of the power of the Holy Spirit in our life.

“Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can do great things for the Church.

“We just have to trust God that through the power of the Holy Spirit we will be guided in the right path and overcome our fears and doubts,” Mr Portugal concluded.

In addition to the talks, participants also had times of silent prayer and reflection. Photo: Heather Excell

Cathedral parishioner Dijana Curak attended the session in Hobart, and said she particularly loved Fr Callaghan’s testimony about the influence of the Holy Spirit in his own life.

“The main topic during this retreat was recognising the important work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in today’s world, [and that] we should call upon the Holy Spirit to bring us closer to God and help us change our hearts so that Christ can live in us and we in him,” she explained.

“Fr Dave was a fantastic speaker with many real-life examples and practical advice on how to invite the Holy Spirit into our everyday lives.

“I thought it was great and would love to support similar retreats in future,” she said.

Listen to Fr Dave Callaghan’s talks at the Epiclesis Retreat below:

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