Archdiocesan employees recognised for years of service

By Josh Low

Thirty-three employees of the Archdiocese of Hobart were honoured last month at the Archdiocesan Centre in New Town as the annual Employee Service Recognition Awards were presented on Wednesday 21 September.

Archbishop Julian presented awards to employees who have worked in the Archdiocese for five, 10, 15 and 20 continuous years.

One of the two recipients celebrating 20 years of service, Cherie O’Meara has worked for the Archdiocese in various roles.

Service to the Church and community has been at the heart of her work over the past 20 years, of which 15 have been dedicated to graphic design in the Archdiocese’s Media and Communications unit.

“I deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve the Tasmanian Catholic community using my artistic gifts and am very thankful for the rewarding experience over the last 20 years.

Cherie O’Meara (centre) was one of two recipients celebrating 20 years of service in the Archdiocese. Photo: Josh Low

“It is lovely to have been recognised and appreciated for a role that goes largely unnoticed,” she said.

“Whether it is a poster, magazine, newspaper, or a website for the Archdiocese and CatholicCare, it has always been an incredible and rewarding experience.

“I have appreciated being able to support and work with some amazing and talented people who have made a positive difference to the mission of the Church and have been an important part in my life’s journey,” she said.

Sharon Gardiner, who works as a Child Care Educator for CatholicCare, also received an award for 20 years of service but was unable to attend the ceremony.

Employee Service Recognition Awards for 2022:

5 years of service:

Chris Webb

Melissa Aylett

Dahir Ali

Lily Balfour

Morgan Burns

Allison Cann

Amanda Cassidy

Wendy-Anne Farrington

Larissa Hall

Tracy Harwood

Darcy Jenkins

Marcus Laycock

Denise Leonard

Matthew Massey

Wesley Morgan

Laura Morrison

Linda Nicola

Sonia Bennett

Gavin Riley

Anne-Marie Sims

Gabrielle Skinner

Cheree Waddle

Alison Webberley

Belinda Clarke

David Sakko

10 years of service:

Danae Pilgrim

Patricia Verdouw

James Norman

15 years of service:

Danielle Fehlberg

Patricia Herbig

Bronwyn Ristow

20 years of service:

Cherie O’Meara

Sharon Gardiner

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