Young adults encounter Jesus through journey

By Veronika Cox

An annual pilgrimage offers young adults the opportunity to walk, pray and chat alongside the Archbishop, deepening in prayer and community in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

The St Patrick’s Pilgrimage is a 41km journey from St John’s Catholic Church in Richmond to St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Colebrook.

Caretaker for the Director of Office of Youth EvangelisationSam Clear said the pilgrimage, designed for 16-35-year-olds, combines the youth of the Archdiocese with the history of two of the oldest churches.

“The St Patrick’s Pilgrimage begins and concludes with Mass in Richmond and Colebrook respectively – the added beauty of the pilgrimage is the very real guided practise of continuing to encounter Jesus as we walk,” Mr Clear explained.

“Pilgrimage is a beautiful practise of encountering Christ in the everyday, which in turn helps us to better pray once we’ve returned to our everyday schedules. A tourist travels, but a pilgrim travels with Christ. Ultimately, pilgrimage reminds us in a very real way that our earthy existence is one great pilgrimage – walking with Christ to an ultimate destination, eternal life with Him.”

Mr Clear said the upcoming walk had a slight change of route to previous years.

“We have also added a new section to the pilgrimage, bypassing an existing difficult section of road by heading in across stunning private property around Craigbourne Dam and via the Notre Dame Priory of the Benedictine Monks,” he said.

“It has added a new sense of excitement for 2022 to have this changed route offering what are arguably the most beautiful views of the whole pilgrimage, and to incorporate a visit to the Benedictine Monks!”

The pilgrimage, led pastorally by Archbishop Julian and physically by Karl Mittermayer, attracts approximately 35 young adults from across the state, to journey together and sleep under the stars.

“This year we are specifically inviting two 16-18-year-old representatives from each of our Catholic College’s to step out on pilgrimage with our young adults,” Mr Clear added.

“Details will be soon sent to each College, but don’t be afraid to nominate someone in your local parish! It will be an amazing weekend.”

The St Patrick’s Pilgrimage is held over the weekend of 19-20 March. To register or for further information, please visit and enter St Patrick’s Pilgrimage 2022 or contact the Office of Youth Evangelisation.

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