Holy Rosary celebrates rich school heritage

Sixty years ago, Holy Rosary Catholic School opened its doors with 37 children, two staff members and two classrooms.

Today, as the community celebrates the milestone anniversary, the school houses 447 students and 51 staff over 10 main buildings.

“It has changed incredibly,” principal Bernadette Brooks said.

 “One of the most significant things for us as a school though, is that we still have that strong connection to the parish.”

Holy Rosary Catholic School was founded in 1961 to provide a Catholic education to the children of St Bernard’s Parish, operating under the care of the Dominican Sisters.

“There has been a long and proud history of being a community-minded school,” Ms Brooks explained.

“Our parishioners gathered together and prayed the Rosary, trusting in their faith that financial provision would be made for a new Catholic school in Claremont. We are part of the faith journey of our parish community and this journey will continue well into the future.”

Ms Brooks said as Claremont grew in size over the years, Holy Rosary expanded as well.

“Our learning spaces no longer represent the traditional structured classrooms that many of our past students would remember,” she said.

“Our learning spaces have changed to allow for collaborative and flexible learning spaces.”

Former principals, original students and current families gathered at the school to mark the 60th anniversary with a Liturgy and blessing from Archbishop Julian.

The celebrations also included a history display, a 1960’s-themed day for students and staff and, of course, birthday cake.

“It is a really special week for all of us. It has been a lovely chance to share with our school community again,” Ms Brooks said.

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