Sam Clear appointed to Youth Office

The newly appointed caretaker Director of the Office of Youth Evangelisation has a whole world of experience behind him.

Fifteen years ago, Sam Clear walked 15,600km around the globe praying for Christian unity and battling extraordinary adversity.

While the intrepid adventurer may not cover as much physical ground these days, his passion for building the Church community in Tasmania knows no bounds.

“I am really excited to work in this role,” Mr Clear said.

“My hope is that we can continue to create and provide an atmosphere in which young people can encounter faith and deepen their understanding.”

Mr Clear holds a six-month caretaker contract while current Director, Cassia Sampaio, has returned to Brazil for a year of formation and prayer with her community, the Palavra Viva.

“I feel I am in a great position to advance what Cassia has already put in place,” Mr Clear said.

“I am a local, I have worked in this office before, and I have seen all the work that has been put in previously. I hope I can better connect the office and its elements into the Archdiocese, liaising to bridge any gaps and really work on building that sense of community.

“When Cassia comes back, it would be wonderful for her to see the fruits of her ideas.”

Mr Clear said he is particularly looking forward to the launch of a series of talks called Love and Responsibility.

“The talks aim to help young adults form relationships out of love, based in the idea of laying down lives for each other, rather than using one another,” he said.

“It is an area desperate for formation. We plan to draw the Archdiocese together, meeting each other and sharing a meal.”

Mr Clear, who also runs his own business working in Catholic youth ministry, said he enjoys working with young people as they ask a lot of questions and offer an opportunity to walk beside them.

“We all get set in views and it can become difficult to manoeuvre out of where we stand,” he explained.

“There is so much brokenness in our society. Adults as well, of course, but the youth want to talk about it. As we spend time walking with them, they in turn spend time walking with the adults in their lives.”

Main image: Sam Clear has been appointed as Caretaker Director of the Office of Youth Evangelisation.

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