Students spread the festive spirit with Christmas hamper gifts

Students at St Patrick’s College in Launceston are embracing the gift of giving this Christmas.

Each tutor group has put together a hamper for a family in need.

The College’s Director of Catholic Identity and Mission, Rachael Holloway, explained:  “St Patrick’s College has been working with St Vincent de Paul for a number of years to deliver hampers to members of the greater Launceston community to assist with the pressure of Christmas.

“The response is always positive and is now very much an entrenched tradition of the College.”

St Vincent de Paul supplies a list of items to include in the hampers. The items are collected during Term 4 and the 70 hampers are completed in early December.

Non-perishable, general grocery and festive items are included as well as gifts and vouchers for fresh produce.

“Students select which item they would like to be responsible for, from the list supplied by St Vincent de Paul,” Ms Holloway said. 

“They are also encouraged to be with their parent when the item is purchased and to discuss not simply purchasing the ‘cheapest’, but to talk about which brand they would like to receive. This is at the heart of human dignity.

“We hope that students don’t simply see this as something they ‘have’ to do, but grow to understand Jesus’ mission of serving those in need and their ability to improve the lives of others.”

Image: Meander Valley Parish Administrator Fr Ben Brooks (back) with year 7 students Andrew (left) and Max (right), both 13, and St Patrick’s College staff member Jennifer Shaw, and just a few of the hampers destined for local community members.

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