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The Verbum Domini Biblical & Catechetical Institute provides an array of catechetical and pastoral formation courses to equip people for roles in evangelisation, catechetical leadership in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) and sacramental preparation, Christian youth leadership, and general faith formation in parishes and schools. Students will learn how to communicate the Gospel effectively and appropriately to children, young people, adults, believers and non-believers, adapting it to the particular cultural context within which they are immersed.

Catechist Formation Program Schedule 2021

The formation program will include an overview of the Catholic faith, an introduction to Scripture, catechetical methodology, and studies in prayer, the moral life, and sacraments. Courses on the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) for leading adults into the Christian faith, as well as sacramental preparation will also be offered. The courses will be offered online (e.g. via Zoom) and in the classroom. This basic formation program can be completed in a minimum of two years.

To complete the Catechist Formation Program, participants will have to complete four compulsory courses and two elective courses:

Compulsory courses:

  • Overview of the Catholic Faith
  • Introduction to Scripture
  • ‘RCIA and the Catechumenate’ or ‘Christian Discipleship & Sacramental Preparation’
  • Catechetical Methodology

Elective courses (choose one):

  • Biblical Foundations for Catechesis
  • Moral Life in Christ and Catholic Social Teaching

2021 Courses

Overview of the Catholic Faith (compulsory)Tues mornings* (Diocesan Centre, Hobart), 10.30am-12pm: Feb 2 & 16; Mar 2, 16 & 30; Apr 13 & 27; May 11
Thurs evenings* (Zoom), 7-8.30pm: Feb 4 & 18; Mar 4 & 18; Apr 8 & 22; May 6 & 20
Christian Discipleship & Sacramental Preparation (compulsory unless registering for RCIA & the Catechumenate in 2022)Tues mornings* (Diocesan Centre, Hobart), 10.30am-12pm: Jun 8 & 22; Jul 6 & 20; Aug 17 & 31
Thurs evenings* (Zoom), 7-8.30pm: Jun 10 & 24; Jul 8 & 22; Aug 19; Sept 2
Introduction to Scripture (compulsory)Tues mornings* (Diocesan Centre, Hobart), 10.30am-12pm: Sept 28; Oct 12 & 26; Nov 9 & 23; Dec 7
Thurs evenings* (Zoom), 7-8.30pm: Sept 30; Oct 14 & 28; Nov 11 & 25; Dec 9
The same sessions will be repeated in the mornings and evenings. Note that the dates and times are subject to change.

2022 Courses

It is proposed that the following courses will be offered in 2022:
• RCIA and the Catechumenate
• Catechetical Methodology
• Biblical Foundations for Catechesis
• Moral Life in Christ and Catholic Social Teaching


If you feel the Holy Spirit is calling you to become a catechist and would like to register for the Catechist Formation Program, please register here.

Registration will require a letter of recommendation from your parish priest, and a statement of why you are interested in becoming a catechist.

Please submit this letter from your parish priest with your registration or email it to

Further Information

Dr. Christine Wood
Verbum Domini Biblical & Catechetical Institute
Ph: 03 6208 6236