Marriage is a ‘divine call’ for Launceston couple

By Josh Low

Having the Holy Family as a role model for their marriage and family is the aim of Launceston parishioners Midhun and Jisha, who recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Originally from Kerala, India, they were among the 12 couples who renewed their vows at the Marriage Mass held by the Archdiocese last month at the Church of the Apostles in Launceston.

Having met online through the matrimonial website run by their Archdiocese, the couple began speaking to each other and as time went by, decided to date, and eventually discerned marriage.

They were married on 19 January 2023 at St Joseph Knanaya Catholic Church in Mannakad, in the heart of the state of Kerala.

Following their move to Tasmania, Midhun now works for Blueline Laundry, with Jisha a nurse at Launceston General Hospital.

Now married for just over a year, Midhun and Jisha described marriage as a ‘divine call’.

“Marriage is a lifelong commitment to support, love and be a companion to each other till the end of our lives, while trying to follow the Holy Family as our role model,” Jisha said.

“We believe that a good relationship with God will improve our marriage as the Holy Spirit can help us to grow in Holy Wisdom; that we may always see and respect Christ within our spouse.”

Midhun said being a husband requires sacrifice, commitment, and a responsibility to family.

“I realised that being a husband is a great commitment and responsibility to protect my family, just as Jesus protects the Church.

“I learned the value of and need to sacrifice many things for a good marriage, as well as the importance of raising any future children in the Catholic faith,” he said.

Jisha said she has come to the realisation that Midhun was a gift from God, with whom she is left with a feeling of fulfillment in her life.

She followed by echoing Midhun’s words and relating it to her own role as a wife, emphasising the importance of respect and love for her husband.

“Our hope in the future is to lead a faithful, Catholic life, with family prayer playing an important role in marriage,” she added.

“And always trust in God, he can do miracles in our life.”

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