EDUCATION MATTERS: Mentors are vital in the journey of Teaching Cadets

By Dr Gerard Gaskin, Executive Director Catholic Education Tasmania

The role of a mentor in an early career teacher’s journey is absolutely vital, providing expert guidance and friendship at this important time.

The Teacher Cadet program through the St Thomas Aquinas Teaching Schools Institute (STATSI) will see 50 Cadets paired up with an experienced Teacher Mentor this year.

STATSI held their 2024 Orientation for the Teacher Cadet program on Wednesday 28 February, which saw delegates from across the state come together in Campbell Town for an exciting and informative day.

Mentors are absolutely vital, making a huge difference in the life of a trainee. The strength of this is evident in the Cadets we have had with us, who have grown in both wisdom and confidence regarding how to teach.

Our Mentors are experienced teachers and experts in their field, who are willing to help and support the Cadets as they grow and learn.

The Teacher Cadet program has grown exponentially, with 25 Cadets in the program last year and 50 this year.

Some are studying their Bachelor or Masters, some are focused on Secondary or Primary teaching, and some have had other careers before coming to their teaching studies.

To better support these crucial Cadet-Mentor partnerships, STATSI has just launched a comprehensive handbook.

It is a guide to both the Mentors and the Cadets in their role and how we operate, and there are checklists and other resources too, all in the one go-to place.

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