Sisters of Life to visit Tasmania this April

By Josh Low

The first ever Life to the Full Conference will be held this April, featuring the Sisters of Life, who will travel all the way from New York City to Tasmania for the event.

Happening from 26 to 28 April, the conference is for high school students and will explore the profound truth that each person is made for love and not use, as well as being built with purpose and equipped in courage.

Dedicating their lives to serving those the world considers ‘useless’, the Sisters of Life are a religious community known for their life of daily prayer and fervent mission work with women and the disadvantaged and forgotten on the streets of New York City.

The Sisters of Life dedicate their lives to serving those who the world considers ‘useless’. Photo: Martin Jernberg

Office of Youth Evangelisation Director, Sam Clear, said the opportunity for the Sisters’ visit to Tasmania came about last year following an email exchange with Sr Mary Grace SV, who is originally from Sydney.

“I sent some information through to a good friend of mine, Sr Mary Grace, from the Sisters of Life in the USA and added to the email that it would be great for the Sisters to visit Tasmania one day.

“Sr Mary Grace replied that it had actually been on her heart to do just that and so here we are a year later with four Sisters of Life travelling to Tasmania for the first time!

“Most states around Australia have Catholic camps, retreats and conferences, and we often have youth travelling to the mainland for them, so to have a youth conference here in our own backyard is a huge opportunity.

The Sisters of Life are a religious community of known for their life of daily prayer and fervent mission work. Photo: Supplied

“Through the talks and workshops there will be a strong emphasis on having been made for love, that we are healed through forgiveness, and that through God we have great purpose in life,” he said.

“My hope is that students will leave the conference full of joy and determined to extend themselves in both prayer and service together, bringing life back into to the many parishes and outreaches already in operation here.”

Other presenters at the conference will include Archbishop Julian Porteous, several local priests, and the Youth Alpha team. A substantial crew of volunteers from across the state will assist in running the event.

Tickets for the Life to the Full Conference are $230 covering all food and accommodation for the weekend.

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