Ember Night series concludes for 2023 with ‘The Road Less Travelled’

By Josh Low

The last of the 2023 series of Ember Nights held by the Office of Youth Evangelisation this month saw South Hobart Parish Priest, Fr Michael Tate AO, deliver a talk titled ‘The Road Less Travelled’.

Held in the cloister of St Mary’s Cathedral in Hobart, Fr Tate’s talk to the youth reflected on being aware of moments in life in which God may be calling them to fulfill their vocation.

Drawing from the famous Robert Frost poem and the literary works of Shakespeare, Fr Tate said that the path to go down may not always be what we were expecting but encouraged the young people to not be afraid of taking risks in following the Lord.

“At some stage in your lives, you may become aware of a tide,” he said.

“Will you have the courage to go with that tide even though it’s risky or will you keep to the mediocre, safe and spend your life wallowing in the shallows?

“Only God knows why you were created, what purpose He has in mind for your role in the whole history of the cosmos.

“Will you keep alert and awake for that to emerge, that feeling of a tide, that awareness that there’s a road less travelled?”

“We want to take the tide, which will – God willing and with your cooperation, take you to the shores of heaven.”

The series of Ember Night presentations will continue in 2024, with the next talk scheduled for late February or early March.

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