New Catholic stall opens at Sandy Bay Parish

By Josh Low

Seeking to meet the needs of the parish and wider Catholic community, the Spiritus Sanctus Christian Books and Religious Items Stall was recently established in the Sandy Bay Parish.

Opened and blessed by Archbishop Julian last month on 20 August, the stall has everything from bibles, rosaries and statues to medals of the saints, scapulars and biblical comic books for children.

Sandy Bay Parish Priest, Fr Shammi Perera VG, said the idea for the stall came from many people who would ask where they could go to find Catholic books and religious items in Hobart.

Archbishop Julian blessed the stall on 20 August. Photo: Supplied

“We don’t have a Catholic bookshop or religious article store (in Hobart), so during my time at the Cathedral we got the ball rolling and started a small stall there and got it up and running,” Fr Shammi explained.

“When I came to Sandy Bay Parish, people would still ask if there was a place to buy religious articles like medals, baptism candles, statues or bibles.

“So I felt there was a need and just tried to cater for it.”

Fr Shammi said the stall at the parish is comprised of two sections – one dedicated to books and other publications, and one for religious articles.

The response to the opening of the stall has been overwhelmingly positive, with bibles selling out and Fr Shammi having to source more to meet the demand.

The Spiritus Sanctus Christian Books and Religious Items Stall is open during the week over Parish Office hours and after Masses on weekends. Photo: Supplied

“In a few weeks there will be more stock coming in, which also includes theological books, collections of papal homilies, Pope Benedict XVI’s reflections on the liturgy and interactive religious kits and storybooks for children,” he said.

“We want people in Hobart to know that in addition to St Mary’s Cathedral, they can also come here if they are looking to purchase any Catholic items, articles or books.

“If there is anything we don’t have that people want, we can also source it for them and provide it.”

The Spiritus Sanctus store will be open during Parish Office opening hours throughout the week, and after weekend Masses.

For more information on the stall and the items on offer, contact the parish at on 6224 3797.

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