Ignite fires up burning love for Bible

By Wendy Shaw

A spiritual retreat to help people read the Bible with new eyes and connect more deeply with God attracted people from around Tasmania.

US evangelist Sonja Corbitt led the two-day retreat at the Emmanuel Centre, Newstead, last month.

The event was billed as a “powerful and life-changing retreat” that aimed to showcase what Holy Scripture had to offer attendees.

More than 40 people from around the state, from Stanley to Hobart and in between, attended the event.

The talks were part of Ms Corbitt’s multi-date Australian east coast ‘Ignite’ Bible study tour, her first visit here. She is a dynamic Catholic author, speaker, scripture teacher, evangelist and radio host from Tennessee.

Her presentation in Launceston covered understanding Catholic roots in the Bible; how to love reading the scriptures and searching for what God is offering the individual; and a session on healing, punctuated by laughter and tears.

In a statement to participants and hosts after the retreat, Ms Corbitt said: “Thank you for the beautiful weekend. I will never forget it.

“I thank you for welcoming me and allowing me to talk with you on the path to Sanctity for a few days.”

U.S. evangelist Sonja Corbitt (centre) leads a spiritual retreat at the Emmanuel Centre, Newstead, as part of a multi-date Australian tour. Photo: Supplied

Reflecting back on the retreat, Emmanuel Centre managers Micah and Jacquie Harsh said events like the retreat help to refresh faith and mission, and also remind participants of the ongoing gift and beauty of the Catholic faith during life’s journey towards sanctification.

They said the weekend left participants hungry for a deeper relationship with Jesus.

The connections and friendships made help to establish a support network and community between the faithful in Tasmania and beyond. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive.

Micah Harsh added that the retreat was un “unforgettable experience” for all those in attendance.

“We hope this is just the start of many more inspirational speakers to come,” he said.

Following the retreat, the Emmanuel Centre will host weekly Ignite Bible study sessions.

Among other forthcoming events at the Emmanuel Centre are: a three-day women’s retreat with the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia on 3-5 November; a lay Carmelite spirituality retreat for men and women led by a Carmelite Friar; and a conference offered by the Two Hearts Alliance, with a focus on the family.

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