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Bugs in the College!
Locusts, bamboo worms, moth chrysalises, crickets,...
Catholic Education Week in our schools
This year’s theme, ‘Spreading the Good News...
The 62nd Blake Prize
The 62nd Blake Prize Touring Exhibition will be officially...
Concert Against Human Trafficking
The issue of human trafficking will be highlighted in...

Archbishop's message

Catholic Education Week 2014 At this Mass I would like to address my words to the students present here are representing various schools and colleges from this part of Tasmania. Catholic Education Week each year is a celebration of what your Catholic schools are and what they are contributing to...Read more...

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26 Aug 14 - Remain In My Love - Newstead
26 Aug 14 - The Old Virgilians Association Luncheon - Austins Ferry
27 Aug 14 - Seasons For Growth (Good Grief) - Newstead
28 Aug 14 - Feast with Friends - Hobart