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The Commissioners

The Commissioners

The Tasmanian Catholic Justice and Peace Commission has a maximum of eleven Commissioners appointed by the Archbishop.

The current Commissioners are:

Richard Chapman (Chair Person)
Gloria Lonergan
Elizabeth Vagg                                               
Simon Cobiac             
Tracey Owers             
Shane Poulson            

Sean McManus

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote understanding and awareness of Catholic Social Teaching, particularly in the areas of justice, peace and ecology, and to assist the people of the Archdiocese to better integrate this understanding within an evolving Christian lifestyle.

  • To support and develop critical thinking and social action skills in parishioners.

  • To work in a collaborative way with Church and outside organisations in research, social analysis, social action and prayer to promote social justice in Tasmania.

  • To advise the Archbishop and the wider Catholic community in Tasmania about social justice issues.

  • To engage in research and analysis of current social justice issues, including policy preparation.

Our Networks

Justice Contacts: Each parish in Tasmania has a designated justice contact, a person commissioned by the Archbishop to play a special role in working for justice and peace. The justice contacts receive regular mail outs from the Commission, containing justice-related material. They are able to make this material available to interested parishioners, and coordinate activities within the parish around particular issues. Justice contacts are there to help raise people's awareness of how justice should be incorporated into the everyday life of Catholics.

Local Justice Networks: The justice networks are grass roots collections of concerned Catholics who want to work in an active way for social justice within their communities. There are networks in the south, north and northwest. Each group chooses particular issues to work around. To find out more about your nearest group, contact the Commission.

Just Net: The Commission produces a monthly newsletter called Just Net, which is filled with useful tidbits about upcoming justice-related events, news and information about current issues. It includes suggestions about what you can do and ways to get involved, as well as keeping you up-to-date with Commission projects and activities. The newsletter is available for free, via email or through the post. To subscribe, contact the Commission.

The Tasmanian Catholic Justice and Peace Charter

The Tasmanian Catholic Justice and Peace Charter


Role Statement for the Tasmanian Catholic Justice and Peace Commission

Role Statement