Youth seek meaning of life in love of God

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Youth seek meaning of life in love of God

A retreat at St Mary’s Cathedral in Hobart earlier this month attracted young people from around Tasmania who were encouraged to seek God’s love as the fulfillment of the desires of their hearts.

Running from September 29 to October 1, the weekend ‘Fire retreat’ featured speakers from Tasmania and Sydney with talks on the meaning of life, Jesus, repentance as the path to receiving God’s love and the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Moana Muller, one of the youth leaders at the Cathedral, said that the retreat provided good formation for young people.

“I was very touched because I could see them growing deeper in their Catholic faith and encountering a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament and also seeing them going to the sacrament of reconciliation,” she said.

University student Patrick Eli said he was touched by the talk on the meaning of life.

“I really connected with that talk because it was exactly what I was going through,” Mr Eli said.

Rachelle Tecson from Devonport had never attended a retreat before but had heard about the Fire retreat when she attended Gracefest in Launceston earlier this year.

“I decided to come because Devonport hasn’t got many young ones and, to be honest, I’ve felt quite lonely whenever I’ve gone to church,” she said.

“I just like how we had time to spend with God, especially during the adoration – you can actually feel his unconditional love.”

The youth Fire retreats are an initiative of Archbishop Julian and are run by the Sisters of the Immaculata and the Immaculata Mission Team.