Warm welcome and hot food on chilly nights

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Warm welcome and hot food on chilly nights

The Bible contains many references to food and the Lord’s Prayer includes a plea for daily bread.

The importance of nourishing minds, bodies and souls with nutritional and spiritual food is evident.

But there was no need for the miracle of the loaves and fishes at various Catholic get-togethers around Tasmania over recent weeks.

Parishioners at Penguin and at Launceston both gathered to share in a warm welcome and plentiful food on chilly winter nights after Mass.

Parishioners at St Mary’s, Penguin, enjoyed a great night of food and community get-together on Saturday, June 22, following the 6pm Mass, according to one of the organisers, Yvonne Downes.

“The community get-togethers are organised for about every three months in the Parish Hall next to the lovely timber church in the heart of Penguin,” Mrs Downes said.
“The menu changes with the seasons with soup, sandwich and sweets nights in the colder months, and barbecue, salads and desserts in the warmer months. 

“A few volunteers bring a big pot of soup and other patrons bring sandwiches or sweets to share, so it is a cheap night out for all.

“It is wonderful to see how everyone pitches in to make these nights a success.”

Mrs Downs added that attendees, including Mersey Leven Assistant Priest Fr Paschal Okpon, were treated to ‘a feast fit for a king’, with four varieties of soup, sandwich platters, and apple pie, a scrumptious baked custard, two different berry jellies, chocolate log,  delicious gluten free cake, and a variety of biscuits, sweets and fruits.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for parishioners to get together as a community and share a meal in the true sense of the word.  Everyone is welcome and parishioners are asked to invite family and friends to join us,” Mrs Downes added.

“I would like to thank everyone who was involved in any way – by making soup, bringing sandwiches or sweets, for helping set up and clean up afterwards, and for coming along and sharing your time with or getting to know other parish members.”

In Launceston, soup is on the menu once a month after the 5.30pm Sunday Mass at the Church of the Apostles over winter, most recently on Sunday, June 23.

Parish secretary Carolyn Gutteridge explained: “It worked well when we held these events last year and it gives parishioners the chance to meet others in our parish community, and have a chat out of the cold. The response has been good and we usually get 30 to 40 people.”
The next soup nights after Mass in Launceston are planned for July 28 and August 25.

Food for thought: Launceston Parish assistant priest Fr Crisanto Mendoza (left), parish secretary Carolyn Gutteridge (second left) and Parish Priest Fr Mark Freeman (holding soup pan), with parishioners at Soup after Mass in Launceston in June. Photo: Wendy Shaw.