Thinking locally, acting globally in support of international orphanages

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Thinking locally, acting globally in support of international orphanages

“Thinking locally, acting globally” is how Father Suresh GnanaPragash describes the fundraising efforts of two local Catholic communities that provide financial assistance to two orphanages located in impoverished areas of the world.

Claremont Parish and the Queen of Angels Tasmanian Latin Mass Community, through parish-based fundraising initiatives, provide ongoing donations to the Holy Name Care Centre in Limpopo Province, South Africa, and to the Mercy Home Orphanage in Tamil Nadu, India, respectively. 

Claremont Parishioners June Duigan and Barbara Watson, both 80, of Austins Ferry, said they were amazed at the amount of money the parish raises through grassroot fundraisers for the orphanage in South Africa – which cares for orphaned children who are HIV positive.

“We started off with morning teas … we now have a ‘trade table’ [located in the parish presbytery] where parishioners drop-off things that they don't want at home [for proceeds towards the orphanage],” Mrs Duigan said. 

“My niece Sister Sally Duigan is a member of the order that runs the orphanage.  The information she sends over, we pin up on the board for people to be able to read … it’s quite rewarding to see photos of the children.”

The Queen of Angels Latin Mass Community’s support of the Mercy Home orphanage in southern India, which cares for young girls living with physical and intellectual disability, was part of the community’s recent annual Christmas fundraising appeal. 

“This is an initiative the community felt called to do. The money [the community] raised covers the expenses towards the [orphanage’s] food … it's not much in an Australian context, but it's quite a good sum in an Indian context,” Fr Suresh, Chaplain to the Latin Mass community said.

Making a personal visit to the orphanage in January as part of his annual holidays, Father Suresh said he could personally see the difference the donations made.

“The parish donations are used for something very real. For many of the orphans, it is the only love they receive.” he said.

“It really open’s one eye’s … everyone is made in God’s image.

“Local parishes can help people all over the world.”