Tassie mum says sex education regarding gender is confusing young people

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Tassie mum says sex education regarding gender is confusing young people

The normalisation of same-sex relationships and sex education programs like Safe Schools is confusing students, according to one Tassie mum whose testimony was read aloud at the recent Coalition for Marriage launch events in Tasmania.

Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman Karen Dickson says that a significant concern regarding a redefinition of marriage is the restriction on the rights of parents to influence what is taught to their children.

“If marriage is redefined to allow same-sex unions to be legalised, then our ability as parents to object to same-sex and radical gender ideology being taught to children will be removed,” Mrs Dickson said.

She read aloud what was described as “a heart-breaking story coming from a Tassie mum” who wished to remain anonymous in order to protect her children.

The mother’s testimony related to the Safe Schools program, concerns about which she first raised at her children’s school association meeting in 2014.

“At this meeting, the principal acknowledged the need to consult with parents regarding these sensitive issues,” the mother said.

“Despite this acknowledgement, ‘Working It Out’, which was a Tasmanian Safe Schools Coalition partner at the time, visited our high school in late 2015 and gave a presentation to the 2015/2016 student prefects. Now parents were not informed before this happened.”

The mother said that her daughter came back from the presentation confused by the idea of gender not being determined by genitals, and that her friends found it equally confusing.

However, since 2015 her daughter has been taught gender theory as fact in two subjects at college and now accepts it as true.

“The speed at which this is filtrating through the education system is alarming,” the Tassie mum said.

“Due to the normalisation of same-sex relationships, another of my daughters experimented with a same-sex relationship when she was in grade 10 … It grieves me to the very core of my being that this daughter is still experimenting. She's now had at least three girlfriends, but with a few boyfriends in between as well. This is encouraged by our current state education system, all in the name of ‘Working It Out’.”

The Tasmanian mother said that one of her older daughters “broke down and cried” when she heard that her mother would be writing a testimony about the family’s experiences.

“She told me how thankful she is for the fact that she had finished school before the Safe Schools program was introduced … There was a time when she truly questioned whether it would just be easier to be a boy.

“If she had encountered the Safe Schools program while she was in that state, then her confusion would have multiplied exponentially,” she said.

“I've seen the effect that the Safe Schools program has had on my children and their friends. Encouraging adolescents to question their gender and their sexuality creates more self-doubt. It erodes their sense of identity. It is not safe, it is damaging.”

Watch the entire talk by searching for ‘Coalition for Marriage Tasmania’ on YouTube.