Seminarian looks to youth to build the Church

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Seminarian looks to youth to build the Church

Two months into his pastoral placement, fourth year seminarian Vinco Muriyadan has begun a new ministry at Christ the Priest church in Kingston which he says is bringing him a lot of joy.

Mr Muriyadan, originally from Kerala in India, has been a seminarian with the Archdiocese of Hobart since last year, and has spent most of that time studying at Corpus Christi Seminary in Melbourne.

He describes Tasmania’s Catholic community as “very nice and very close”.

“It's a small world. The people know each other, and it is good to know people very well,” he said.

Since starting his placement at Kingston-Channel Parish, Mr Muriyadan has taken part in regular parish duties such as preparing for Masses, taking Holy Communion to the sick and visiting nursing homes.

However, it is a brand new ministry that has him really excited about serving in the parish.

Mr Muriyadan has begun not only a new young adults group, but also a youth Mass – the first of which was held on Sunday, September 3.

The group, Young Adult Catholics (YAC), is for young people aged 18 – 35.

He says that the first Friday evening meeting of the YAC group was a hit.

“We had some games, some nourishment, snacks and food, coffee and everything. Then a little bit of music. We were singing and it was really engaging,” he said.

For Mr Muriyadan, it is what the young people can bring to the parish that is important to him.

“I want to really build a strong group here, so that they may help the parish in the future. Not only in the future, but now,” he said.

Members of YAC have stepped forward to take on ministry roles in the youth Mass, including playing music, reading and taking up the collection.

He says that focusing on young people is the beginning of bringing others back to the Church.

“They're very happy to come, so I'm starting with them. And slowly, I hope, others will join,” Mr Muriyadan said.