Plenary 2020: We may be sheep but the Shepherd knows each of us by name!

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Plenary 2020: We may be sheep but the Shepherd knows each of us by name!

By Michael McKenna, Plenary 2020 Executive Secretary for the Archdiocese of Hobart

Our Lord reminds us that the shepherd calls his sheep by name. (Jn 10:3) Jesus knows each of us intimately and seeks an intimacy of relationship with us like no other we could imagine. We may be sheep but we are each unique in the eyes and heart of our God.

So as we journey to the Plenary Council, whether your parish has engaged in a Diocesan facilitated Listening and Dialogue process or undertaken its own variation, make no mistake that your individual voice has an immense value in the future of the Church in Australia. 

Everybody’s experience of faith and the Church is unique and it is important that the Plenary Council hear these responses from as many people as possible if we are to, as the Church discern, what God is asking of the disciples of our time. Don’t satisfy yourself that somebody else will present your discernment. Though we may fear our own humbling inadequacies and knowledge of the Faith, we must be courageous and step up and be heard because the eloquent, the engaged and informed don’t have ALL the answers, if indeed they ever did.

Listen to what the Spirit is saying to you and choose to share it! The key output of your Listening and Dialogue Encounter, in whatever form it takes, should not be merely that you participated but rather visit to the Plenary website to complete the 10 minute questionnaire.

You can make your submission anonymously or you can provide your details. If you do not want to answer a question, move onto the next one. If you would like to submit a more detailed response, you are invited to upload additional files at the end of the submission. This can include longer documents, artwork, images or music.

Speak boldly and with passion, listen with an open and humble heart. It’s an exciting time to be an Australian Catholic. With faith and guided by God’s Holy Spirit, we journey together, toward the future.

Make your submissions online until Ash Wednesday 2019. Visit the website and follow the prompts to the survey.

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