Parishioners encouraged to live faith vibrantly through Mission Evenings

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Parishioners encouraged to live faith vibrantly through Mission Evenings

Starting this year, a special mission project will be held in parishes around Tasmania.

Inspired by the call of the Church to evangelise, Archbishop Julian will be travelling Tasmania to lead evenings of prayer and preaching in every parish.

To be called 'Mission Evenings', the sessions will be an opportunity for all Catholics to renew their faith, and encounter God.

“They're going to be wonderful nights and I think they'll be very much full of faith, of prayer, and I think people will be deeply moved by the experience,” Archbishop Julian said.

“The focus will be very much on the call to grow closer to Christ and be a more faithful disciple of Christ.”

To be held on a single weeknight in every parish over the course of the year, each Mission Evening will consist of music, a personal testimony, preaching, and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

A team will assist with the running of the evenings, including providing the music.

His Grace says that he wants people to come away from the Mission Evenings 'rejuvenated' in their faith.

“What I particularly hope for is that it will really inflame people's hearts in a greater faith, a greater love of Christ, and inspire them to want to live the Christian life more fully, more completely,” he said.

Archbishop Julian says that the first responsibility of a bishop is to be a preacher of the faith, and that these Mission Evenings is a way to do that – not only in the Cathedral of the Archdiocese, but right across Tasmania.
His Grace says he is looking forward to visiting the parishes.
“It's something which is in my own heart,” His Grace said.

“I really desire to help people know Christ more fully. I really have a desire to see the faith lived more strongly, more vibrantly in Tasmania.

“In the end I'm hoping it will be a step towards the formation of more missionary disciples that Pope Francis spoke about. But we've got to firstly be disciples before we can be missionary,” he said.

“I'm putting the focus now on the idea of being disciples, and hopefully from that we'll start to see more people wanting to be missionary disciples in Tasmania.”