Parish puts faith into action with Eucharistic procession

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Home > Media > News > Parish puts faith into action with Eucharistic procession
Parish puts faith into action with Eucharistic procession
Photo: Alex Wojcik

In Tasmania’s north, a Eucharistic procession was held at St Francis’ Church in West Tamar Parish for the feast of Corpus Christi.

It was attended by a small crowd of the faithful who followed the Blessed Sacrament in procession while praying the rosary and singing.

Parish administrator Fr Martin Aye Ngwe says he began holding the Corpus Christi procession three years ago because of the importance of the Eucharist.

“The Eucharist is the centre of our mother the Church, and the centre of every one of the Catholic faithful. And it is the climax of our lives,” he said.

He says Eucharistic processions give us an opportunity to put our faith into action.

“We always profess that we believe in Jesus in the Holy Eucharist through transubstantiation. But … our faith needs to have actions. Faith without action is dead.”

Fr Martin and the faithful were joined by Fr Christopher Kasturi of Launceston Parish and Fr Edwin Thundathil Xavier who travelled from Scottsdale Parish to participate.

“I was so encouraged by them,” Fr Martin said of being joined by his fellow priests.

The procession was preceded by a time of Eucharistic adoration from 10am until 3pm, following the regular Sunday Mass.

After walking around the streets near the church – which is located in Riverside – the procession concluded with Benediction.

Honouring the Blessed Sacrament through Eucharistic adoration is an important feature in the life of West Tamar Parish.

Eucharistic adoration is held each Friday from 7am until 7pm, with a special hour on the first Friday of each month dedicated to praying for those who have been abused by those in the Church.

The parish will hold another Eucharistic procession for the feast of Christ the King on November 24.