Marriage Masses for Launceston and Hobart

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Marriage Masses for Launceston and Hobart

Masses for couples celebrating a significant sacramental marriage anniversary will be held in Launceston and Hobart in the coming weeks.

A Marriage Mass will be held at 10.30am on February 11 at the Church of the Apostles in Launceston and then the following week on February 18 at 10.30am at St Mary’s Cathedral in Hobart.

The Marriage Masses will involve a special blessing for couples by Archbishop Julian, as well as an opportunity to renew their marriage vows. Couples will also receive a certificate commemorating the event.

Director for the Office of Life, Marriage and Family Ben Smith says that in addition to anniversaries of 25, 40, 50 or 60 years, couples who are celebrating earlier milestones such as first, fifth or tenth are also encouraged to attend.
“They're just as much celebrating a sacrament as people more progressed in years,” he said.

“It's also important for people in the early stages of marriage to really celebrate their sacrament, because their relationships can be under strain in the beginning, and it's really important to unlock the grace to help them early on,” he said.

The Marriage Masses will also provide an opportunity for couples to bring their marriage into focus and take a fresh look at what is important to them.

Mr Smith says that married couples have a role in bearing witness in the community to the way in which God’s love can be manifest in very ordinary ways in the family home and in everyday life.

“It gives us a chance to start the year on a positive note, and to really bring to the fore people who have given themselves to each other, celebrating their sacrifices and joys … and giving us hope that it is possible to have a really successful and nourishing sacramental marriage,” he said.

“And we all need to hear that good news.”

Couples wishing to take part will need to register by Wednesday, February 7 for the Launceston Mass and Wednesday, February 14 for the Hobart Mass, by contacting Ben Smith on 6208 6036.