Marriage is a ‘Treasure’

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Marriage is a ‘Treasure’
L-R: Byron & Francine Pirola, Archbishop Julian, Catia & Fr Samuel Fancsali.

Archbishop Julian proclaimed, at the launch of the Matrimonium Project in the Archdiocese of Hobart on 27 May, that the Catholic understanding of marriage and family is a ‘treasure’ that needs to be shared with the people of Tasmania.

His Grace called for a renewed culture and revitalisation of marriage and family in Tasmania, and invited the couples present to be witnesses to the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage and family in their parishes.

Guest speakers Byron and Francine Pirola have been married for 29 years, have five children, and ever since they wed have been committed to sharing the Church’s teaching on marriage and family.

In their first year of marriage, they moved to New York to learn from Fr Chuck Gallagher SJ, the founder of Worldwide Marriage Encounter. They have been carrying on his mission ever since.

Mr Pirola called the couples themselves the ‘treasure’ of the Church, because they reveal God’s love to the world by the way they love each other. He called them to be lay leaders in this area of Church life. Mrs Pirola added that the energy for the Matrimonium Project in the Archdiocese has to come from them, as couples.

Archbishop Julian invited those in attendance to become ‘Matrimonium Couples,’ and as such their mission involves being able to embody the vision of the Church’s teaching on marriage and family; to live it, love it, and communicate it.

The ‘treasure’ is the Church’s teaching which has been developed over the last 50 years, including the work of St John Paul II in his teaching on the spousal meaning of the body; as well as the way St John Paul II talks about the true nature of love in marriage, as that which is self-giving.

With John Paul II’s philosophy of love, goes the Church’s teaching on the theology of marriage as sacrament. With the grace of the sacrament, couples do not have to go it alone.

“Marriage moves in the realm of grace,” Archbishop Julian said.

“The grace of the marriage sacrament permeates the couple’s life so as to help couples remain faithful and overcome challenges they meet along the way,” His Grace said.

For Archbishop Julian, the calling for ‘Matrimonium Couples’ who will be a witness in their parishes is the first of a range of initiatives he hopes to develop in Tasmania to foster a culture of marriage and family.

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