Marist music ministry students sing up gospel storm

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Marist music ministry students sing up gospel storm

North West Coast students are using the powerful universal language of music to spread the gospel message of love and compassion, and to form strong bonds within their community.

Music Ministry students from Marist Regional College at Burnie have performed to widespread acclaim at school and parish events, the Burnie Eisteddfod, the Tasmanian Catholic Youth Festival in Launceston and at Catholic Education Week.

Thomas Lamb, Marist’s Religion Teacher, Head of Music and Acting Head of Arts, explained that about 25 students from years 7 to 12 were part of Music Ministry. The students sing a sacred and secular repertoire, and some play guitar, percussion and piano. Three staff members are also part of the group.

“We are all thrilled at what the students are doing and how beautifully they spread Jesus’ message of love and compassion,” Mr Lamb said.

“All the songs contain a strong message. The sacred songs tell of Jesus and his teachings. The secular songs reinforce this message and emphasise the importance of being strong, working through adversity and supporting people.”

The Music Ministry began about two years ago. Marist’s Head of Drama, Ms Helenmarie, is the Music Ministry co-ordinator and has taken the group from strength to strength since its inception, Mr Lamb explained.

“This is a really exciting thing that has naturally evolved,” Mr Lamb added.

“In the past there has been a desire for a school choir, but the Music Ministry has created momentum because students own it. They are doing it. Their enthusiasm and excitement drives it.”

The Music Ministry enjoyed a rapturous reception during a North West Coast tour over past weeks that took in St Brigid’s Catholic School at Wynyard, St Peter Chanel Catholic School at Smithton, Sacred Heart Catholic School at Ulverstone and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School at Devonport. Students from St Joseph’s Catholic School at Rosebery and Stella Maris Catholic School at Burnie heard Music Ministry sing during a visit to the college. Music Ministry also performed at Star of the Sea Church in Burnie during Sunday Mass, and at an evening community concert later the same day, during August.

The group has a repertoire of about 30 songs. Popular numbers include My Lighthouse and a stirring rendition of The Lord is My Shepherd (Boniwell arrangement).

“We are using music to enhance the gospel message,” Mr Lamb added.

“We are building bridges and forming connections through music in our community.

“There are also many positive benefits for the students in the group, as they grow in confidence.

“The reaction to the performances is really enthusiastic and the students have a wide range of material that they can relate to.”