Library lending spiritual nourishment to local parish

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Library lending spiritual nourishment to local parish

Parishioners in Tasmania’s south are enjoying access to books and DVDs from the Fr John Wall Community Library through a new initiative linking the library to the Huon Valley Parish.

Books on saints, on popes, children’s books, popular theology and DVDs from the Hobart-based library are now on display and available to parishioners following Sunday Mass at St Mary of the Cross Church in Ranelagh.

With a parish library already in place, the Huon Valley Parish council had been seeking a way to access up-to-date books without incurring a large cost.

“We were thinking about resources that can help people grow in faith,” said Rachel Bradley, chairperson of the parish council.

“I’ve got so much out of reading various books over the years … People are busy, you can’t always go to talks, and yet you can access such brilliant teachings and inspiration, and books are such a light.”

After discussions with staff at the Fr John Wall Community Library, the parish has arranged to borrow books under a parish account, with books then available to parishioners at the church in Ranelagh.

Parish administrator Fr Devaraju Dusi believes the books will help promote spiritual growth in the parish.

“All these books mainly help to enhance and promote prayer life and deeper spirituality, and following of Jesus.”

Fr Dusi has already embraced the library initiative, borrowing a book on the saints canonised by Pope St John Paul II.

He says he has been surprised by the level of engagement by parishioners.

“It is a sign in the parish that people are really interested in the Church, and the spiritual life, and also that they have a great desire to grow in their spiritual life.”

Mrs Bradley says the items have been very popular.

“I’ve seen lots of people milling around and choosing things.
“It’s really exciting that we don’t have to find the money to buy everything – we can just share this resource from the library.”