Jesus’ power to heal the focus of Mission Evenings

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Jesus’ power to heal the focus of Mission Evenings

UPDATE: The Mission Evenings have been postponed until further notice.

The healing ministry of Jesus will be put in the spotlight at Mission Evenings to be held around Tasmania this year.

Now the third year the Mission Evenings have been run, each evening is led by Archbishop Julian and consist of a single night of preaching, music and prayer.

This year attention will be turned to Jesus’ ability and desire to heal.

“One of the things that is very striking about the public ministry of Jesus was the fact that he healed the sick,” Archbishop Julian said.

“Healing reminds us of two things: The first is the compassionate mercy of God towards people in their needs and is very evident in the ministry of Jesus. And secondly, it’s a clear reflection of the power of God.”

He says that healing has continued to be a ‘significant ministry’ of the Church through the ages.

“The evidence of the healing power of God is not only witnessed in the gospels or in the New Testament, but has always been in the life of the Church. And one good example of this, of course, are the healings associated with Our Lady’s appearance at Lourdes in France,” His Grace said.

“But it’s also a fact that we can pray for healing. So this has been an element of the mission and the ministry of the Church through the centuries. And so we’re just giving expression to it this year in these Mission nights.”

He says that Christ desires to bring healing into people’s lives, and that Jesus offered his life on the cross for the healing of humanity, a “healing in terms of eternal salvation”.

“Jesus came to bring the ultimate healing, which is freeing us from the powers of sin and death.”

Each Mission Evening will include an opportunity to receive prayer for personal healing.

“They can bring physical, or emotional, or spiritual needs and we’ll pray with them for those needs.”

Each parish will host a Mission Evening throughout the year and all are welcome to attend.

As well as being freed from an ailment or wound, a healing often has a profound effect on a person’s faith, says Archbishop Julian.

“They often come to a deeper appreciation of the love of God, of the mercy of God, of the grace of God at work in their life. So that can often deepen [and strengthen] their faith and draw them closer to Christ and really desiring to live life with greater faith and greater openness to Christ’s presence in their life,” he said.

“We all need healing … Christ came to save, and that salvation finds expression in a great variety of ways. And so having a night on healing is really declaring our faith in Christ as our saviour.”

Upcoming Mission Evenings will be held at Corpus Christi Church in Bellerive on Tuesday, March 17; at St Paul's Church in Bridgewater on Wednesday, March 18; and at St Peter's Church in New Norfolk on Tuesday, March 31. All three evenings will begin at 7pm.