Independent Review of Catholic Education

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Independent Review of Catholic Education

Archbishop Julian Porteous, on advice of the Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission (TCEC), has formally initiated an independent review of Catholic education in the Greater Hobart area.

The TCEC has placed advertisements in print media today seeking the provision of consultancy services to undertake the review. The last significant review with respect to Catholic education secondary schools and their curriculum structure in Tasmania occurred almost 20 years ago.

“Tasmania is currently in the midst of significant legislative and structural education reform as a result of the State Government’s changes to the minimum age for students commencing Prep. and an extension to the leaving requirements of students, both to take effect in 2020,” said Director of Catholic Education Tasmania, John Mula.

“Catholic Education Tasmania supported the changes to the state’s Education Act and the principles associated with the government’s reform agenda. It is now an appropriate time to review the opportunities and challenges to Catholic education in light of the legislative and structural changes,” Mr Mula said.

Archbishop Porteous said a review is essential given the amendments to the Education Act, in particular the requirement that Tasmanian students continue in some form of education or training until aged 18.

“The State Government has gone through an extensive review of education and come up with planning for the future. It is appropriate for the Tasmanian Catholic school system to do the same.

“A key outcome of the review will be how we can best provide for the needs of our students, including those from poor and marginalised communities, for the next 20 years. Given the growing demand for places in Catholic schools we are also focused on the long-term viability of Catholic Education in Tasmania,” His Grace said.

The independent review will be limited to the Greater Hobart region as this area is most likely to be impacted by the education reforms. The review is expected to commence by October 2017, and a formal announcement on the outcome of the review will be made by May 2018.

A copy of the review’s Request for Tender and Terms of Reference document is available for download from here.