Going On Television

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Going On Television

Many Catholic individuals work quietly to improve the situation of the disadvantaged in our society and many eschew publicity. However, as Catholic agency, Centacare, is responsible for expending public monies and operates on behalf of the Catholics of Tasmania within the Archdiocese of Hobart, it has a duty to share the good news of the work it does in our community. A television campaign will reach most Tasmanians and bring to their attention the wide array of Centacare Services.

There was a flurry of excitement around many divisions of Centacare last week when a film crew hit the trail to make a commercial for Southern Cross Television explaining some of the roles Centacare fill. The crew had a busy day moving from Kingston where they saw tenants in supported housing, to Bellerive where they filmed a holiday child care session and back to New Town for lunch among the humanitarian entrants and a training session with Willson training. The day finished with a look at Centacare’s counselling services.

The advertisement will air on Southern Cross television early in 2012.