Fr Peter celebrates his golden jubilee of religious profession

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Home > Media > News > Fr Peter celebrates his golden jubilee of religious profession
Fr Peter celebrates his golden jubilee of religious profession

One of Hobart’s Passionist community has recently celebrated his golden jubilee of religious profession.

Fr Peter Addicoat CP, the community leader of the Passionists in Tasmania and also parish priest of the Hobart Parish, joined in the Passionists as a postulant in 1965 at the age of 15.

Along with the religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, the Passionists profess a special vow to preach the Gospel of the Passion by their life and apostolate.

Originally from Melbourne, Fr Peter travelled to Sydney to enter the congregation and professed vows on February 3, 1968 in Goulbourn.

Of his novitiate class, four made their final profession and three were ordained.

“We were youthful, enthusiastic religious in a congregation alive with increasing numbers … our formation for religious life and ministry was focused on working in collaboration with the laity, recognising the unity of our Christian call in Christ,” Fr Peter said.

During formation in Melbourne, financial necessity meant that he and other members of the congregation engaged in part-time work to aid the continued existence of the formation house. Fr Peter’s work involved cleaning the platforms at Flinders Street Station, sorting parcels and manually changing the clocks as each train departed.

He says that living community life helps develop life-giving principles.

“Regular community prayer, reflection days, meals, table talk [and] shared house work are all essential ingredients in our Passionist religious life,” he said.

Fr Peter is now in Tasmania for the third time, having served from 1973–1978, from 1995–2004, and again from 2013 until the present. He has also served in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as spending a year studying in Rome.

Reflecting on 50 years of profession, Fr Peter commented, “Every day of my life as a religious has been alive with new possibilities.”

He says that his mind is full of “names, faces and places, of good and holy people, from all walks of life who have shared with me, their life in Christ. As I prepare for another 50 years, I thank you.”

Fr Peter celebrated his 50th anniversary of profession by making a renewal of religious vows at St Joseph’s church in Hobart in front of members of the Passionist congregation, friends and family on February 3.