CDF celebrates 60 years of funding works of faith

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CDF celebrates 60 years of funding works of faith

Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, Manager of Client Services Chris Webb says Tasmania’s Catholic Development Fund has been instrumental in promoting faith in Tasmania.

“We do whatever we can to support any of the Catholic organisations, be it schools, parishes, in building or assisting them in their faith projects,” Mr Webb said.

“We’ve helped fund loans to places like the Benedictine monks just recently who have purchased property out at Colebrook.”

Schools, initially one of the main intended beneficiaries of the fund, continue to receive help from the CDF.

Originally known as the Schools Provident Fund (SPF), it was founded on August 15, 1958 by Archbishop Guilford Young with the vision of enabling low interest loans to schools and parishes in post-war Tasmania when credit was not easily obtainable for the much-needed Church projects.

Present at the solemn proclamation of the dogma of Mary’s Assumption into heaven on August 15, 1950 in Rome, Archbishop Young wrote in celebration of the fund’s 22nd anniversary that the dates were a fitting coincidence.

“I think how fitting was the coincidence that it was on the Feast of the Assumption, 1958, the Schools Provident Fund was set asail in our Archdiocese,” Archbishop Young said.

“She in the power of her glorification has certainly been with the Provident Fund which was launched in faith for the building of the Household of the Faith in Tasmania.”

Catholic layman Peter Nicholls worked with Archbishop Young in developing the fund and served as its first manager.

In an account entitled ‘A written account of my years with Archbishop Young’, Mr Nicholls emphasised the spiritual aspect of the work of the SPF, now the CDF.

“… All our work had to have a spiritual motivation – not as a nice, comfortable atmosphere in which to work, but as the whole reason for that work. The spiritual welfare of the Church and its people was our reason for being; it was our work and we tackled the tasks confronting us not merely to get and use money and property and fairly but as our way of joining with Christ in His way, His truth and His life,” Mr Nicholls wrote.

To mark the 60th anniversary, the current staff and Board of Directors recently held a celebratory dinner, and an event is planned for late November to celebrate with past staff and clients.

Mr Webb describes the anniversary as “a significant milestone”.

“It’s a longstanding business and it’s a very important part of the funding of the Archdiocese,” he said.

Image: Peter Nicholls