A bright future for Catholic Education

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A bright future for Catholic Education

Tasmanian Director of Catholic Education John Mula believes Tasmania’s size is its advantage.

Coming from the same position in the Diocese of Armidale, New South Wales, Mr Mula said Tasmania’s smaller community provided many benefits for Catholic Education.

“With 37 schools, we are a ‘community of communities’ and the opportunity to work with that small group is something that attracted me to the position,” he said.

With a strong interest in national Catholic Education and Tasmania being part of a national approach, Mr Mula believes that the key to successful Catholic Education is focussing equally on two fundamentals, mission in the context of Jesus’ mission for the Church and quality education.

“I think if you have the quality and the Catholic side by side, all the other things will fit into place,” he said.

Born in Brisbane, Mr Mula was educated by the Franciscans at Padua College in Brisbane, and counts himself as lucky to have had a traditional Catholic Education.

“We were very privileged in my generation in the sense we were brought up and educated by religious and clergy and so we have got a bit of a connection with tradition,” he said.

“Our new leaders, our young leaders probably don’t have that so any opportunity I have to articulate mission is important to me.”

Since he started in his new role in January, Mr Mula has been meeting with teachers from around the State and has plans to soon visit the State’s North West and West.

I’m keen to seek advice and counsel from people and connect with and listen to as many people as I can,” he said.

Mr Mula said his welcome to Tasmania had been particularly positive and he was very grateful for the support and work put in by all at the TCEO in the lead up to his arrival.

He was now looking forward to moving forward positively.
“I think the challenge for us as a teaching profession is to reimagine the future,” he said.