Art sends out a powerful message for refugees

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Art sends out a powerful message for refugees
Artists Lucy Murfet and Dianne North.

Local artists Diane North and Lucy Murfet’s latest paintings gave them the chance to put their God-given gifts to great use.

Depicting the plight of refugees, one painting shows the presence of Jesus in the lives of refugees on a boat in rough waters, while the other shows Jesus with refugees in a barbed-wire enclosed detention centre.

The two very different pictures were recently unveiled at a special launch at the Cathedral Centre in Hobart, where they have been hung for the public to see.

Cathedral Parish Administrator Fr Shammi Perera, who initiated the project and worked closely with refugees from the Pontville Detention Centre before it closed, said he felt art was a powerful way of sending a strong message to people.

While the paintings assured refugees that Jesus was always with them, Fr Shammi said he hoped the works would also educate the broader community about refugees and their struggles.

“My whole idea is these paintings should became a trigger, inspire people to action and instigate people to work and speak on behalf of the refugees and their rights,” he said.
When the project began Fr Shammi shared his stories of what many refugees had experienced with the artists and they were immediately able to visualise what they wanted to produce.

Both artists, who donated their time and their art, said the project gave them the chance to paint from their hearts.
“[Painting] It’s just a gift and it’s nice to use it for a good purpose,” Mrs Murfet said.