‘Sidelights’ reaches 30 years milestone

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‘Sidelights’ reaches 30 years milestone

In September 1986, a group of volunteers in the parish of Bellerive-Lindisfarne published the communiqué called ‘Sidelights of Our Parish Journey’.

Thirty years on and ‘Sidelights’ now reaches more than 400 people, including students and parents of the schools in the Bellerive-Lindisfarne parish, parishioners, as well as family and friends in Tasmania and interstate.

Audrey Cusick, who served as first editor of ‘Sidelights’ for 12 years, remembers a conversation she had with Fr John Wallis – one of the priests on the original committee to form ‘Sidelights’ – where she asked, “I wonder if we will ever get to issue 100?”

Earlier this year, Betty Cusick, current editor of nine years and older sister of Audrey, saw the production of the 106th issue go to print.

“It was a joke,” said Audrey “but I love to think that the dear man [who has since passed away] is aware that we did make the hundred.”

‘Sidelights’ has seen many changes over its 30 years.

“Our younger readers will have no knowledge of cutting stencils on a typewriter and printing on a messy inky Gestetner machine,” wrote Audrey in a short history of ‘Sidelights’ that appeared in the May/June 2016 edition. 

However it is still committed to its original purpose to provide ‘happy and informative news’. The section, which Betty titled ‘Sidelights Highlights’, showcases personal news.

“People write in about their wedding anniversaries, a daughter’s wedding, somebody’s 90th birthday… people love to hear about this,” she said. 

We congratulate the work of Betty, Audrey, and the other volunteers (notably Rosaline Comas who served as editor for six years, and Mary Smith a current volunteer) who continue to dedicate their time and expertise to create this piece of Tasmanian history.