‘I don’t think I could be fulfilled anywhere else’: Sr Mary Immanuel makes final profession of vows

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Home > Media > News > ‘I don’t think I could be fulfilled anywhere else’: Sr Mary Immanuel makes final profession of vows
‘I don’t think I could be fulfilled anywhere else’: Sr Mary Immanuel makes final profession of vows

Having recently made her final profession as a religious sister, Sr Mary Immanuel Blenkinsopp says that in religious life she has found the intimacy with God and the fulfilment for which she was longing.

Born in Sydney, she grew up praying before she went to bed and was read bible stories by her mother.

“We always had a sense that God was real. But how involved He was in my life is probably something that I never really thought about too much,” she said.

Attending Indonesian-language Mass with her family, she was greatly influenced by a Sunday School teacher who “really loved the faith and loved God”.

When her father began taking them to Mass in their local parish, she had such a desire to get to Mass would often leave home ahead of the rest of the family to arrive on time.

She began playing music at Mass and started to attend the parish youth group.

When the parish decided to send a group to World Youth Day in 2002, Sr Mary Immanuel was one of the youngest to sign up. Each young person committed to attending Sunday Mass, youth group or the parish prayer group, and four hours of Eucharistic adoration each week.

“During that weekly adoration, I came to encounter Jesus as my best friend. That Jesus was truly present in the Blessed Sacrament and that he actually wanted to have a relationship with me. He wanted to talk to me, he wanted to listen to me,” Sr Mary Immanuel said.

“For the first time I felt like I could just share my heart, I could share everything with God,” she said.

“That really changed my whole life. It put me on this new path.”

She attended the University of Sydney and graduated with a double degree majoring in Archaeology and Social Work, while helping lead the youth group in her parish and assisting with the annual January Immaculata Mission Schools.

At the end of the 2010, Mother Mary Therese Ramsden of the Sisters of the Immaculata asked if she’d be interested in doing a time of aspirancy to discern religious life.

Although Sr Mary Immanuel thought she was joking, the question sparked something in her heart.

“For at least a week or two after that, the question kept popping up in my heart,” she said.

She decided make a leap of faith and discern religious life.
In 2013 she made her first profession of vows as a Sister of the Immaculata.

This August 15, she made her perpetual profession at St Mary of the Cross Church in Ranelagh before a congregation of parishioners, family and friends at a Mass celebrated by Archbishop Julian.

Sr Mary Immanuel says she has found in religious life the intimacy she has been searching for.

“Now I’ve just made final vows, I’ve found that intimacy that I’ve been longing for in God: I’ve found purpose in Him, I’ve found fulfillment in Him, I’ve found this longing for love completed in Him. And I’m just so grateful to God that He pursued me and persevered with me. I’m grateful to God because I don’t think I could be fulfilled anywhere else.”