Your Faith, Your Church, Your Legacy

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The Catholic Archdiocese of Hobart improves the lives of thousands of people across Tasmania every day through the ‘good works’ of its organisations. Catholic Church agencies operate with a distinctive culture of care inspired by the example of Jesus Christ, and guided by the teachings of the Church.

Exponential growth in delivery of services has occurred in recent years, spurred on by the decision of governments to entrust the provision of social programs and services to Tasmanian Catholic agencies. The involvement of the Church in these areas is done out of a fundamental concern for the poor, marginalised, and those at risk in the community.

The Church seeks to offer not only the delivery of social services and spiritual nourishment, but importantly approach people in a particular way. The Church teaches that every human being is precious, and that people are more important than material possessions. This gives the Catholic Church and its agencies its distinguishing culture and spirit.

Ever since the arrival of Hobart’s first Bishop, Robert Willson in Tasmania in 1844, philanthropic gifts have played a vital role in supporting the ministry of the Catholic Church.

A bequest to the Archdiocese of Hobart will contribute to the continuation and delivery of programs and services to Tasmanians, and bequestors are invited to join the Archdiocesan recognition program named in honour of Bishop Robert Willson. The Bishop Robert Willson Circle enables the Archdiocese of Hobart to thank you for your gift, in your lifetime.

After you have looked after your loved ones, a gift in your Will is a significant way for your legacy to live on into the future. For a confidential discussion about how your legacy can be transformational to the lives of Tasmanians, contact the Development Manager on 6208 6231 or email.

Download the bequest brochure:


One of the greatest contributions you can make to the mission of the Church is to leave your own legacy so others can embody the love of Christ.