Matrimonium Summer School 2020

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This year's Made for Each Other (M4EO) Summer School is on 20 January 2020 – 24 January 2020 REGISTER HERE!

In January 2020, the second instalment of the Made for Each Other (M4EO) Summer School will take place in Hobart. At a time when so much of the Church’s teaching on life issues, marriage and the family is contested by secular culture, it is important that young Catholics take this opportunity to go deeper in their understanding of these key teachings. This deeper understanding will help enrich your relationships and give you a unique perspective of the beauty of authentic human sexuality. M4EO will also help you prepare for whatever vocation that you believe that God is calling you to.

M4EO includes a range of lectures, discussions, Holy Mass, other prayer times, excursions to places of natural and historical significance, free time for reflection, social outings and a Mountain range bushwalk.

M4EO will take place at the historic St Mary’s Cathedral in Hobart, a fine example of Gothic Revival inspired sacred architecture.

The Summer School Faculty that has been assembled is of considerable quality including:
• Katrina Zeno MTS
• Archbishop Julian Porteous
• Dr Christine Wood
• Tomasz Juszczak
• The Culture Project
• Palavra Viva community
• Ben Smith
For more information on the speakers view the Bios below.

Who? 18 year olds and above
When? 20 January 2020 – 24 January 2020
What? M4EO will involve lectures, discussions, field trips, Holy Mass, Morning Prayer, Evening Rosary, social occasions in prominent tourist locations, opportunities for bush walking and visits to historical sites.
Where? St Mary’s Cathedral, Hobart
Accommodation: Mayfair on Cavell

Hobart offers a contrasting blend of heritage, scenery and culture, with world class activities and attractions nearby. Nestled amongst the foothills of Mt Wellington, Hobart combines heritage charm with a modern lifestyle in a setting of exceptional beauty. Hobart is Tasmania's capital city and the second oldest capital in Australia, after Sydney. Located at the entrance to the Derwent River, its well-preserved surrounding bushland reaches close to the city centre and beaches line the shores of the river and estuary beyond. The following locations will be visited during the Summer School program.

Popular Sites/Attractions that will feature in the Summer School program


Silver Falls, Wellington Park Salamanca Place

Female Factory sculpture

Explorer Louis Bernacchi sculpture

2019 Event

The first Summer School was held from January 21-25, 2019 in Hobart. The overall satisfaction rating was 88% based on a survey on the participants.


What did participants get out of the 2019 Summer School?
• A stronger sense of what it means to be a male or a female. A historical narrative for the diverse philosophical culture we live in. The works of Augustus Pugin.

• I learnt more about the history of the TOB and the need for it in our culture

• The catholic vision for marriage. The greatness to which we are called. A stronger guidance for personal life but also for studies and career direction

• How I can better love my girlfriend and how we can plan for a lasting Marriage with her and God.

• Being in an environment with other Catholics and witnessing beauty has emboldened me and given me hope for the future

A personal testimony from Henri and Tianah Taylor








Henri and Tianah Taylor
“A clincher for us was last January when we were encouraged to attend a matrimony conference in Tasmania. We both came to see the richness of the Catholic Church and were exposed to things that blew our minds. We were outsiders; recently civilly married; not yet Catholic; with a baby due in 5 months. Despite all this, we were made to feel so welcome and that was amazing. We learnt so much and experienced so much. We were enriched by learning about the Holy Family as a model and by the Theology of the Body – an understanding of the Church’s teaching on life and fertility. We experienced various forms of prayer, from middle-of-the-road Catholic prayer and liturgy, to more charismatic and then quite traditional forms of worship and prayer. We spoke to awesome married couples and incredible priests and nuns and our perception of what the Church was broken-down and rebuilt. It was after this point we knew we definitely “wanted in” and started RCIA to become Catholic.” From Rome sweet home—Finding our home in the Catholic Church, Journey Magazine, Winter 2019, Diocese of Wollongong

2019 Summer School  



Katrina J. Zeno, MTS - St. John Paul II Resource Center, Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona

Katrina J. Zeno, MTS, is an international speaker, retreat leader, and author dedicated to the legacy of St. John Paul II. Her expansive list of talks include topics such as the genius of women, the distinctive gift of men, the single life, marriage and the Eucharist, when life doesn't go your way, Argentine tango, and, of course, "Theology of the Body for Everyone." including grade school, high school, young adults, parents, catechists, clergy, and senior citizens.

Katrina is especially gifted in reaching a diverse audience as a keynote and conference speaker as well as providing training and workshops for Catholic school teachers, parents, religious educators, seminarians, deacons, and priests. Her dynamic speaking style and clear writing appeal to all ages and states in life.

Katrina was born and raised in San Diego, California. She earned her BA in theology from Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, and her Master in Theological Studies from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies in Marriage and Family in Washington, DC. Katrina is the author of 3 books: Discovering the Feminine Genius, When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way, and The Body Reveals God along with over 50 published articles and a blog entitled "TOB Tuesdays." She served as the co-host of a 13-part series for EWTN on the theology of the body; the host of a 13-part series on the Genius of Women as well as the sole presenter of a 13-part series on theology of the body for Catholic Familyland TV, and she's been the featured guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts. 

From 2006 until the present, Katrina has served as the founding coordinator of the St. John Paul II Resource Center for Theology of the Body and Culture in the Diocese of Phoenix, AZ. In this leadership position, she works to integrate theology of the body into every level of catechesis in her diocese. The Resource Center is unique in the world in that it is the only diocesan-founded outreach dedicated solely to integrating theology of the body into a diocesan culture and Catholic education.

Archbishop Julian Porteous – Archbishop of Hobart

Archbishop Porteous was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Sydney on September 7, 1974.

He served as Assistant Priest in the parishes of Kingsgrove, Manly, The Entrance, Woy Woy and Mona Vale. In 1996, he was appointed Administrator of the Parish of Annandale and then Parish Priest of Dulwich Hill in 1999. He was appointed Rector of the Seminary of the Good Shepherd, Sydney, in January 2002 and served in this role until the end of 2008.

His episcopal ordination took place at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney on September 3, 2003. He served as an Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney from September 2003 to September 2013. He was installed as Archbishop of Hobart on 11 September 2013.

Archbishop Porteous is actively involved in evangelisation, particularly among young people. He organised a number of youth evangelisation rallies in the 1980’s.  He was instrumental in establishing the Pastoral Training School (now called “Summer School of Evangelisation”), which, since 1984, has formed thousands of young Catholics in their Catholic faith and in the pastoral skills necessary to contribute to the Church’s evangelising ministry.

He was responsible for evangelisation and renewal in the Archdiocese of Sydney until his appointment as Archbishop of Hobart.

During his time as Archbishop of Hobart, he has been a forthright defender of the Church’s teaching on marriage and the family. In 2015, he was the subject of a complaint to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Tribunal for distributing a brochure promoting the Church’s teaching on marriage and the family.

Dr. Christine Wood -  Director of the Office of Evangelisation & Catechesis, Archdiocese of Hobart

Dr. Christine Wood holds a Doctorate in theology from Marquette University, USA, a Masters in theology and Certificate in catechetics from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural science from Sydney University. She has taught systematic and biblical theology, and ethics at John Paul the Great Catholic University and Catholic Distance University in the USA. She is an adjunct lecturer in theology for the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, and the President of the St John Centre for Biblical Studies. In 2015, Christine founded the Verbum Domini Biblical & Catechetical Institute at the Archdiocese of Hobart, where she is also the Director of the Office of Evangelisation & Catechesis. Christine’s teaching aims to draw people into a deep life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, biblical reflection, and sacramental participation. Christine has established numerous Endow Women’s Groups in Tasmania for the formation of Catholic women. Endow groups seek to transmit the depth of the Catholic faith to awaken each participant’s particular genius and ignite them as luminaries who heal, mother, and prepare families and the world for the love of Christ.

Tomasz Jusczczak – Director of the Office of Youth Evangelisation, Archdiocese of Hobart

Tomasz and Sarah Juszczak have been married for 6 years and have two children (and a third due March 2020). They met as teenagers in a parish youth group, but only really came to love their faith after being introduced to the Theology of the Body at World Youth Day in 2008. Tomasz has completed a Master of Arts in Theology and has been working in youth ministry at parish and diocesan levels. He is currently Director of the Office of Youth Evangelisation for the Archdiocese of Hobart and recently completed the TOB1 unit at Theology of the Body Institute in Pennsylvania.

Prior to her life as a stay at home mum Sarah worked in Digital Communications in the higher education and government sectors, as well as serving at Cradio, a Catholic website, podcasting and internet radio service, as General Manager and later as Board Member. Tomasz and Sarah are lay members of the Immaculata Community.


Ben Smith – Director, Office of Life, Marriage & Family, Archdiocese of Hobart

Ben Smith has held roles in the Catholic Church, at the diocesan and national level, in the area of life, marriage and family for the last 5 years. In these roles he has been actively engaged in ethical debates concerning hot-button issues such as euthanasia, transgender law reform and same-sex marriage.

He has been married for 15 years and he is the father of six children aged 3 to 14.

He completed a Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies (Marriage and Family) at the John Paul II Institute in Melbourne in 2017. He has delivered lectures on Theology of the Body to seminarians, married couples and young people in the Parramatta Diocese and the Archdiocese of Hobart.
Before he worked for the Church he held a variety of engineering, business development and management positions in the Corporate, Government and Higher Education sectors since 1997. He also has tertiary qualifications in Applied Physics and Management from Macquarie University.

Caitlin Byrne BSc, MScMed(RH&HG), University of Tasmania Medical Student

Caitlin Byrne is a FertilityCare Practitioner and has been teaching the Creighton Model System of natural family planning for 6 years. She has a master’s degree in reproductive health and genetics and is passionate about women’s health and natural fertility. She is currently studying medicine at the University of Tasmania.





The Culture Project Australia

The Culture Project envisions a world where the dignity of the human person is at the forefront of every relationship, law, and societal structure. We dream of place where passion for fidelity glues husbands to wives, fathers to mothers, and parents to children. We dream of a culture that fosters total human flourishing in the context of strong relationships and strong families. We dream of a world where the beauty of our sexuality is upheld and love is not cheapened by ugly counterfeits. We aim for a culture where people are honest with their struggle, share stories to strengthen solidarity among their community, and reject isolation on our paths to greatness.  We believe in the unfathomable greatness of humanity and its infinite potential.

And so we have set out to follow the dream and to create a beautiful culture. Through conversation, friendship, and speaking to our peers around the world, we hope to restore a culture fully alive. It begins with falling in love.
In December 2014 our mission in Australia began. With two full-time missionaries establishing and enacting a new not-for-profit organisation, another 5000 young people were reached with the message of their inherent dignity and vocation to greatness. We presented at national conferences, youth groups, schools and public events in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.  In 2016, our mission reached new territory in South Africa, and another 5000 young people were reached. In 2017, our team expanded to include two more full-time missionaries and a network of committed speakers, as well as a talented and passionate design team. We reached over 15,000 young people in schools, youth groups and at conferences.

We have partnered with the Archdiocese of Sydney to put down deep roots for this mission here and are currently serving schools, parishes, community and youth groups with our largest full-time team ever of 8 talented men and women, passionately restoring our culture, one heart at at time.

We have begun to plan our entry into the Archdiocese of Hobart that is scheduled for 2021. We will be increasing our presence in Tasmania over 2020.

Palavra Viva Community

Palavra Viva Catholic Community is a new association whose charism consists on announcing Jesus Christ to the world, evangelising in preference young people and families, rescuing what is sacred in the Catholic Church and in the hearts of men and women, firmly defending the Deposit of Faith in complete obedience to the particular church, the Sacred Magisterium and the Holy Father, the Supreme Pastor.

The Palavra Viva Community have been invited by Archbishop Julian Porteous to establish a community house in Archdiocese of Hobart. The Hobart Palavra Viva house will be the first in the Oceania region and six consecrated lays will arrive in December 2017.

The Palavra Viva community’s charism is focused on announcing the love of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ.







Option Price ($)
Premium Shared accommodation (Queen bed) + Registration 600
Standard accommodation (single bed) + Registration 550
Basic  accommodation (Bunk/trundle) + Registration 500
Registration (full) - no accommodation 250
Registration (concession) - no accommodation 150
Accommodation is for 4 nights.
Registration also includes all meals except dinner on Jan 21 and 23.

Respecting your Privacy

In the process of registering for the Made for Each Other Summer School, you will disclose some personal information to the Archdiocese of Hobart. The Archdiocese will deal with this information in accordance with the Archdiocese of Hobart Privacy Policy. A copy of the Policy can be found HERE

To Register please follow this link to the Trybooking site



What is the age cut off for the Summer School?
The Summer School is open to all young adults over the age of 18. You will need to be 18 by 20 January 2020 in order to make the cut-off.

Can I add extra days to my stay in Hobart before or after M4EO?
Provisions can be made with for extra accommodation subject to availability. Please indicate your interest in making these arrangements in the email accompanying your application. If you are successful in being offered a place for M4EO, the contact details for Mayfair on Cavell will be supplied for you to arrange any extra accommodation.

Is there a participant limit for the Summer School?
Yes. The Summer School aims to limit the level of participants to a maximum of 30 people. This limit helps to ensure that the Summer School experience maintains a level of personal intimacy to ensure that the social dynamics contribute to the overall formation experience. Once the maximum number of participants has been reached, a waiting list will be maintained in the event of participants withdrawing from the Summer School.

How do I get to St Mary’s Cathedral from Hobart Airport?
A Skybus service operates a from the Airport and drops passengers off in the Hobart CBD. St Mary’s Cathedral is around 900m from Stop 4 (157 Collins St). Alternatively a taxi can be taken from the Hobart CBD to the Cathedral.