Archives & Heritage Collection

The Archives and Heritage Collection collects, preserves and manages the records of the office of the Archbishop, parishes and other church organisations. The collection includes:

  • Papers generated by previous Bishops & Archbishops
  • Non-current Archdiocesan administrative records
  • Sacramental Registers
  • Parish Records
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Textiles
  • Church Plate
  • Tasmanian Catholic Newspapers
  • Books
  • Art works

Archives staff can provide research assistance to parishes, schools, academic researchers and family historians.

A small fee is charged for family history research – $25 for a simple search. More complex searches may incur a higher fee.

The archivist can be contacted to discuss items that may be suitable for donation to archives and parishes are encouraged to lodge sacramental registers.

The Archive and Heritage Collection is open Monday – Thursday and welcomes visitors and researchers by appointment.