Welcome to Kings Meadows Fr Desmond

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Welcome to Kings Meadows Fr Desmond

On 1 February Fr Desmond Holm MSC returned to Tasmania after nearly 30 years, to serve as Parish Administrator at Kings Meadows. Over his first month, Fr Desmond enjoyed getting to know the locals and travelling within the parish.  

“Each day I’m finding something new. It’s all fitting together like a jigsaw,” said Fr Desmond.

After his ordination in 1984, Fr Desmond moved to Hobart to serve the Moonah-Lutana Parish for two years in the late 80s. He fondly recalls watching the tall ships sail on the Derwent River to mark Australia’s bicentenary, during his initial tenure in Tasmania.

This time around, Fr Desmond is looking forward to seeing more of the state, “I’m struck by the beauty of the place. The terrain, geography, hills, they have a unique character which reminds me of New Zealand.”

Native to Toowoomba, Fr Desmond attended the local MSC college, which led to him joining the Missionaries of Sacred Heart order.

As a Queenslander, Fr Desmond is naturally a rugby fan. While he will miss watching the Broncos, he is already prepared for his move into AFL country.

“As a seminarian in Melbourne in the 80s I needed to choose a team to support. I picked Carlton due to their unpopularity – I thought they could use the support!”