Walking towards a cancer cure

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Walking towards a cancer cure
Dominic College students were inspired by a visit from school principal Beth Gilligan

On Saturday 25 March students and staff from Dominic College and Mount Carmel College proudly represented their schools in the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life.

More than 200 students and staff from Dominic College attended the event, raising a total of $15,688 for the Cancer Council. This event is particularly significant for the Dominic College community with Principal Beth Gilligan currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Mr Aaron Davey, Pastoral Care Coordinator Grades 7-10 said he admired the passion and sincerity of the students.

“Having a strong team and representing Dominic with pride would be something that would make Ms Gilligan proud,” Mr Davey said.

In an inspiring show of strength, Ms Gilligan arrived to support the Dominic College team. Staff and students had not seen Ms Gilligan since her cancer diagnosis and were demonstrably boosted by her presence as she supported the community who are supporting her.

Mount Carmel College had an equally impressive fundraising total of $15,582, and for the second year in a row, were crowned the highest fundraising school in Hobart. Their team of 39 embraced the theme ‘Random acts of kindness’ introduced last year by the school’s event coordinator Lynda Hudson. The idea was that the Mount Carmel College team would provide teddy bears with inspirational quotes, to people who they found inspirational.

“I wanted the girls to learn peoples’ stories whilst they were participating over the course of the weekend,” explained Ms Hudson.

Mount Carmel College student, Jessica Allen, read the oath at the closing ceremony and students Natalie Newland, Breanna Lynch and Sophie Cooper carried the Survivors and Carers Banner on the first lap of the opening ceremony.

“We were chosen to do this because of our fundraising total, and we invited representatives from Dominic College to join us in the opening ceremony as a gesture of support for their principal, Beth Gilligan,” explained Mount Carmel College Principal, Susan Ryan.