Walk for Hope begins Lenten journey to Easter

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Walk for Hope begins Lenten journey to Easter

Guilford Young College (GYC) came together for its first whole College event of the year: Walk for Hope, to mark the beginning of Lent.

The 1000-strong school community began its Lenten journey with an Ash Wednesday prayer service at Glenorchy’s Tolosa Park amphitheatre before students and staff, in House groups, walked several times around the water reserve in solidarity with the poor of the world.

The walk has been an annual event for the College since 2005, following the Aceh tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. Walk for Hope raises money for people in desperate need. Donations have been given to specific disaster relief appeals, including that for the Dunalley community in 2013. This year, the funds will benefit the Australian Catholic Church’s international aid and development agency, Caritas Australia, which conducts an annual Lenten appeal, Project Compassion.

The Walk for Hope event also included House, social and sports activities aimed at building House and College spirit. It is the first whole College event for GYC’s new Principal, Mr Craig Deayton. Mr Deayton came to GYC from Sacred Heart College, and he is only the third Principal in the 22-year history of the College.