Pilgrims to walk Way to St James in January

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Pilgrims to walk Way to St James in January

Tasmania’s version of the famous Spanish pilgrimage Santiago de Compostela is on again this January in the Huon Valley.

The Way to St James Cygnet pilgrimage walk involves participants walking a distance of nearly 30 kilometres over a period of two days from Mountain River to St James Catholic Church in Cygnet.

Vicar General Fr Michael Tate has been the inspiration behind the previous two pilgrimages. He describes the Way to St James Cygnet pilgrimage walk as an opportunity ”to allow the natural beauty of the Huon Valley contour our souls for divine beauty”.

“Pilgrimage is an ancient practise of many, many peoples around the world,” Fr Tate said.

“The walk is an opportunity for people to, in a low-key way, be awakened to the possibility of divine beauty through sharing in the experience of natural beauty and festive ritual, particularly at the end, where we carry the great icon of St James on the shoulders of ten people.”

The pilgrimage will begin on Friday, January 12 and conclude on Saturday, January 13 at the Spanish-styled St James Church in Cygnet.  Pilgrims can lay down the pebbles they have carried throughout the journey, representing laying down the burdens they may have had in coming to the pilgrimage.

To register, or to find out more about this year’s pilgrimage, go to www.waytostjames.com.au