New priory brings spiritual nourishment to Tasmania

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New priory brings spiritual nourishment to Tasmania
Photo courtesy of Newman Parish Melbourne / Mishka Gora

In a momentous occasion for Tasmania, the Notre Dame Priory founded by Fr Pius Noonan launched in Hobart on 22 February at St Patrick’s Church in Colebrook. More than 150 people attended the Solemn Mass of Inauguration of the new Benedictine Monastic community.

The Solemn Mass was offered by Fr Pius Noonan, who was assisted by Fr Terence Naughtin serving as Deacon, and Fr Glen Tatersall serving as subdeacon. Archbishop Julian Porteous, Fr Michael Tate, and Richmond Parish Priest Fr Terry Rush were also present at the celebration.

Archbishop Julian explained the significance of Tasmania having its own Benedictine monastery.

“The Benedictine tradition is over 1500 years old and has been a great source of grace for the Church. To have a monastery in Tasmania is a great blessing. It will be a centre of prayer and Catholic spirituality which I hope will enrich the faith of Tasmanians as well as reaching out to people from all over Australia.

“Tasmania is a very suitable place for monastic life. The monks have chosen the area around Colebrook as their location. It is a rural area with rolling hills. It is an ideal location for the pursuit of a life of prayer and work,” said Archbishop Julian.

The launch of the priory will add to Tasmania’s diverse Catholic community.

“The Archdiocese is blessed with a foundation of Carmelites who are based near Launceston in the north of the State. The monks will offer a male monastic presence and they will be based in the south of the State. As a bishop the presence of a female and a male monastic community is very important for the spiritual wellbeing of the diocese,” His Grace explained.

“The foundation, called Notre Dame Priory, will offer a place for retreats and offer spiritual guidance. It will have a guest house which can receive visitors. It is my hope that the monastery will be a source of spiritual nourishment for many from Tasmania and beyond,” said Archbishop Julian.