Marriage effort unites Christians

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Marriage effort unites Christians

Efforts to defend marriage as between a man and woman has seen Christians unified behind a common cause, those involved in the campaign have commented.

Diana Hutchinson, a parishioner of South Hobart Parish, helped co-ordinate phone calling hubs in the south of Tasmania during the postal vote period.

“It was beautiful because everyone was on the same page, had a common purpose and it was informed by their relationship with Christ,” she said.

“What was really lovely about it was that the apostolate every evening began with prayer.”

Tasmanian Director of the Australian Christian Lobby Mark Brown says that the unity among Tasmanian Christians during the campaign has been visible at all levels.

“There is a real togetherness at a heads of churches level which facilitates the unity at a grassroots level with prayer and practical activity that we’ve seen over the course of the campaign,” Mr Brown said.

“I think there is a decision to want God’s blessing and to work in harmony rather than to say, ‘This is my little patch.’ It’s acknowledging that we are in that common cause of the Gospel.”

Chris Rayner attends Lighthouse on Federal (connected to the International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches) and took part in phone hub calls in Hobart.

He says that volunteering alongside those from other church backgrounds, including Catholics, was a positive experience.

“It was really nice to connect with other people who I could hear through the conversations were really passionate and informed,” he said.