Leadership ‘refresh’ for Tasmanian Catholic Schools

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Leadership ‘refresh’ for Tasmanian Catholic Schools

The Tasmanian Catholic Education Office (TCEO) has recently undergone a leadership ‘refresh’ that reflects the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools.

Instead of 11 domains, the Catholic Schools System leadership team now comprises four domains: Enhancing Catholic Identity; Fostering Learning; Supporting Mission, and Nurturing Leadership.

Recently appointed Assistant Director of Catholic Identity Martin Tobin, sees his role as having two major focuses – both of which flow from the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools.

“One focus is the formation of staff for mission so as to help teachers and school communities become centres of evangelisation. The other focus is on Religious Education,” he said.

“Leaders, teachers and all members of our Catholic Schools need to be well formed in order to effectively engage in the challenging work of Christian formation and evangelisation with our students.”

The role will include working with a team of education officers and project officers who are already working with schools as well as providing support to principals, learning leaders and teachers.
For Mr Tobin, Religious Education is not like teaching any other subject area because its aim is to take students beyond knowledge of the facts towards religious truth and into a committed relationship with Jesus Christ.

“The vocation of the Catholic teacher is the Christian formation of their students through the interpersonal relationships that we foster.

“It’s a process of person to person interaction that requires us to converse with our students about the questions of the human heart, and then guiding them on the journey to Christ,” Mr Tobin said.