Holy Souls remembered at All Souls’ Day Masses

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Holy Souls remembered at All Souls’ Day Masses

The month of remembering and praying for the Holy Souls in purgatory has begun with services in Tasmania commemorating Thursday, November 2 as All Souls’ Day.

In Hobart, Archbishop Julian celebrated a Mass at a chapel in the Cornelian Bay cemetery.

“Throughout this month, we remember and pray for the Holy Souls,” His Grace said during his homily.

“We the Church on earth still in pilgrimage intercede for those who have died and await final glory – the souls in purgatory.”

His Grace commented that death can help us gain a true understanding of how life should be lived.

“The Christian approaches death not desperately clinging to the last vestiges of life, but as a transition from a mortal existence on earth to entry into communion with God in heaven,” he said.

“This Mass of the Commemoration of All Souls takes us beyond our daily concerns to look at the full vision of reality. To think of death and to contemplate heaven brings a true perspective to daily life. It nourishes our hope.”

In Invermay, Fr Mark Freeman celebrated the annual Mass of Remembrance at St Finn Barr’s Catholic Church.

“We write to every family for whom we have done a funeral in the 12 months and invite them particularly to come,” Fr Freeman said.

The Mass is celebrated each year on the first Thursday of November, which this year fell on All Souls’ Day.

Attendees are encouraged to bring items to the church that commemorate their loved ones.

“It’s amazing the people that turn up. People really appreciate the particular invitation and people you wouldn’t even expect to follow up on it, turn up because it’s really important to make that link with their loved ones,” Fr Freeman said.

“Our prayer for those who have died is an expression of our love for them and that that love continues to be a reality even in the face of the experience of death,” he said.

At St Matthew’s Catholic Church in Pontville, the graves in the adjoining cemetery were blessed by Fr Leo Zenarosa prior to an All Souls’ Day Mass in the church.